Geoff Horrocks

Experience: Full time Realtor®, 30 years experience

Specialties: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Land Development

As an extroverted introvert by nature, I enjoy quiet mornings on my porch watching the sun come up and the deer play in the fields. I get my energy from those quiet times thinking, meditating, and planning and enjoy reading deep thinking books and contemplating on philosophical questions. Since a healthy mind, soul, and body is important to me, you will also find me in a local church on Sunday and at the local gym several times during the week.

“Lead with value” is my motto. A successful personal or business relationship is one where I have helped a dream be achieved. My top six Moments have been:
1. Seeing a young person develop skills in soccer as an active Board Member of Harleysville Soccer Club.
2. Negotiating a difficult deal to settlement for a happy Real Estate client.
3. Taking on a seemingly “no win” situation and finding a way to “dance” through to a “win win”.
4. Receiving the phone call from a client 2 months after a settlement “Thank you, I absolutely love my home!”.
5. Coaching a business team member through a difficult time to a place of growth and success.
6. Building a successful Real Estate company of team members that are happy.

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