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When it comes to luxury listings, we do things a little different and a little better. While many agents treat luxury properties like an average home, we exceed expectations to ensure your listing receives the exceptional attention it deserves.

Data-Driven Buyer Profiles

Our team of experts conducts research into public records to find names of potential buyers who have shown interest in properties similar to yours. We then review social media platforms to gather insights into their preferences, lifestyles, and buying behaviors. Additionally, we research the companies they work for to understand their income level, job stability, and potential relocation needs. After compiling this information, we then build comprehensive buyer profiles to understand the type of buyer most likely to purchase your property. Using this detailed information, we tailor our marketing strategies to specifically target these potential buyers across various platforms.

Strategic Staging, Capturing & Online Presentation

How your property is presented online can make all the difference when it comes to catching a buyer's eye. The optimal presentation begins with staging your property. Our staging specialist will evaluate your property to ensure it is presented in the best light to attract buyers. We will then use stunning photography and engaging video to capture your property's beauty in order to stand out online. Our team then uses these photos & video to create a unique website for your property that allows potential buyers to easily view information and location data and schedule showings for your property.

Stunning Photography   Engaging Videography

Unique Property Website

Extensive Database, Email & Social Media Marketing

Leveraging our in-depth research, we craft a marketing plan that goes beyond traditional postings. Our approach will include engaging storytelling and targeted content designed to resonate with potential buyers who match the profiles identified through our research. These campaigns will be done on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, as they provide the biggest reach to consumers, as well as any relevant Facebook groups. We will also create a social media calendar to ensure consistent engagement with our targeted demographics. Using research compiled within our extensive database we can target thousands of potential buyers already familiar with our tea, with strategic email marketing campaigns. we will send out numerous emails about your property. We want to make sure we send out a series of interruptions in their inbox alerting them that this home is on the market. We also send out email campaigns to local Realtors who specialize in luxury listings and new construction.

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