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For many, it's the importance of building where you want, exactly how you want it, so it fits your needs and wants and is built at the highest quality standards. Building a custom home may not be for you, but if it is, we have the experience and knowledge to be your guide. We have access to building lots on and off the market in Southeastern Pennsylvania that may be the perfect setting and location for your custom home!


We are your local experts here to help you be confident about one of life's biggest decisions.


We work with the professionals and municipalities from start to finish. 


Whatever your style or vision, our expert designers can create it and our skilled home builders can build it.


Each professional shares the same goal- to deliver excellent quality and service resulting in a happy client.

9 Steps To The Home of Your Dreams 


1. Budget Governs All

Starting with a total budgetary number is helpful to both give the builder a construction cost boundary within which to work as well as to determine an appropriate allocation for the land portion of the budget.  An initial consultation will start with reviewing your overall budget so we can guide you in determining the proper relationship between land and construction costs within your budget.


2. Location, Location, Location!

Choosing a parcel of land that is both within your budget and in a good location is essential. As with any purchase, it is not always a reality to be able to get everything on your wish-list when it comes to location and price. The location of the land is not something that can be changed, however the improvements on the land are typically changed several times over the years. We will guide you in searching for the perfect parcel of land to build your dream home and one that properly fits within your budget.



3. Choosing a Builder

Choosing a builder for your new custom home is like choosing a partner. There are builders who manage subcontractors and handle large amounts of projects at one time, builders who construct 100% of a single project at a time, and builders who are in between the two. The amount of time spent with the builder reviewing land, designing plans, and choosing products is lengthy and when move-in time comes it will seem as if the builder is part of your family. We will guide you towards a builder with rave reviews from past clients over many years of business together. Choosing a builder on reputation, experience, and reviews is a wise way to avoid a nasty divorce with your builder!


4. Designing Your Land

We will be the guide as you, your builder, engineer, and architect paint a portrait of the perfect home with your own stamp of identity. Design Engineering is the cooperation of a team of professionals all working with the same goal, to identify up front where problems could occur. This team effort is much more effective than individual professionals all pointing fingers at each other in the middle of a build when there are problems. When you work with us, you get the experience and skills you need to make your project a reality with a happy outcome.


5. Analyzing Your Land

A parcel of land may be in a perfect location and seemingly have a purchase price within your budget. However, you may not want to find out that the costs associated with the land exceed your budget after you spend money on design and permitting, or even purchase. We will guide you in analyzing the land for excessive costs relative to utilities, stormwater, grading, clearing, and frontage improvements for example. 


6. Plans Approval and Permits

Designing plans and obtaining approvals and permits is not a quick process and can be done as a contingency before purchasing land or after ownership of the land is obtained. Making that decision is a risk/reward analyzation relative to the cost of the land versus market value of the land. Most times approvals and permitting need to be obtained from several different governing bodies and can seem very complicated and stressful. We have the experience and can offer you confidence as we guide you through this process.


7. Settlement of Land Purchase and Construction Financing

There are many ways a building lot can be purchased when contemplating a new custom build and utilizing financing. Not all lenders are willing to do this type of financing and there are many pitfalls if using the wrong lender. We have completed many transactions with clients utilizing financing for land and construction financing and will guide you through this stage! 


8. Construction Process

Settlement is behind you yet there is not even a shovel in the ground yet! Even though settlement has happened we are not going anywhere and will still be with you until you are delivered the keys to your new home. There are many times you will want to bounce ideas off of us, ask us to intervene with the builder or sit in on a meeting. That's okay! We love to do that and we love the construction process and seeing progress being made with your new home.


9. Stabilization and Release

Just because you have moved into your new home doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with the land. Many times there are stormwater and septic maintenance agreements with the municipalities that need to be adhered to as well as protection of the soil until it is stabilized with vegetation. During this time the builder will also be obtaining asbuilt plans which will show the municipality what actually was built on the land versus what was approved/permitted to be built on the land. We will still be available for you during this time!

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“This is the second time that we enlisted Geoff for finding a house. If there were a third time I’d call him again without hesitation. He and his team were superb throughout the entire process. Geoff was accessible and went out of his way to accommodate our schedule. The response to questions was quick whether by phone, text, or email. Geoff has tremendous insight into properties and provided advice that allowed us to find a house and to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions. I would highly recommend his agency.”

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“Michelle was thorough, professional, honest, and fun throughout the entire home-buying process. Two things that stuck out that made her great for us were 1. How she always listened to all of our concerns about specific homes and why we may or may not want to place an offer, and 2. Her willingness  to be creative during the negotiating process to help us end up with the home we wanted even during an aggressive seller's market.”


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