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Marketing Assistant Training


Essential Marketing Tools Training

A Dictionary of our Marketing Terms:

Our marketing efforts are in direct partnership with Curaytor. As you will come across often in these training videos, they use specific terms and marketing phrases which refer to different website functions, marketing techniques, technical functions & Curaytor products. This dictionary will be a very helpful guide to understanding these different terms & phrases. 

Learning the How to Navigate our Marketing Tools:

 Curaytor provides our website management & maintenance, email blast tool, brain (a content library to be explained in another article) & more. We access all of these marketing tools through our Curaytor platform website (which we refer to as the "back-end of our website"). This training teaches you how to navigate this platform and access these different tools.

You can ignore the references to the "Convert" tool at this time. Convert is a Curaytor tool used by our sales agents to track the activity of potential clients within our database & their interaction with our materials. 

Creating Pages on Our Website:

 We created pages on our website frequently as a part of our marketing efforts. This will mainly be the job of the Marketing Director but it is important to know the basics of how the website works. The only time you should need to work with the back-end of the website would be if you needed to create a back-up listing page on our website. We already have a template for this & it would just need to be manipulated. 

How to use the Curaytor "Brain" Tool: 

Curaytor's "Brain" tool is very useful for finding successful content ideas. It is a success library of Facebook ads and emails sent from top producing agents using the Curaytor systems, you can see which ads and emails have been most successful within Curaytor's group of hundreds of top agents. 

Guide to Using "Brain": 


Learn step-by-step how to use the Brain tool to search for the most successful content ideas. 

Understanding how to Use the Email Tool:

Here is a series of training articles on how to use the different functions of the Curyator email tool. Read through these articles to understand how to successfully utilize the tool to send marketing emails. 

Understanding the Basic Functions of Chime:


Here is an overview of the essential functions of Chime and how to utilize them. This does not cover everything Chime has to offer, but will give an explanation of the features you are most likely to utilize. Some will be relevant to marketing and some will not, however it is important to understand how each feature operates and works together. 

Creating Successful Social Media Accounts:

It's important to understand the overarching rules to setting up a successful Social Media account and utilizing it in the most effective way possible. We have already done the work to set-up successful Social Media accounts, however understanding why we have set them up the way we have is important & there are helpful tips & tricks that you can learn along the way in this general Social Media Guide.


General Social Media & Emails

How to be Successful on Instagram:


The level of success we have on Instagram depends on how well we utilize the platform. Simply posting a photo or story in not enough, there has to be strategy behind everything we do. Instagram's complex algorithms can prevent our audience from seeing our content if we do not use it the proper way. This guide will cover high level strategy behind what we do and cover tips & tricks to make our account successful. We have already done the work to set up our account, now we must maintain it. The content ideas and scheduling do not have to be followed exactly but they give good ideas to work off of. 

How to be Successful on Youtube:


Video is taking over the internet and is a vital way to connect with our audience and grow our brand awareness. Youtube is currently the second largest search engine in the world and it is important we utilize this growing platform. We are currently working with Curaytor to run Youtube advertisements and are gaining activity on our channel, so it is more important now than ever to ramp up our content to engage the new viewers coming across our channel and to create engaging videos to utilize in our Youtube ads. This playbook covers the basics of Youtube, advertising ad what kinds of videos we should be creating. 

What Type of Content to Utilize:


A large part of your job will be to come up with content ideas that are relevant to our industry and fit within our Brand. This playbook is full of successful content ideas & examples that pertain to our industry. You can use these ideas to supplement our listing content & incorporate into your content calendar. This playbook will be very useful when you are struggling to come up with content ideas, or need direction on what kind of content to create. It will give you a good idea of the type of content we want to utilize. 

Responding to Interaction on Social Media:

*If you see references to "FUB" that was our previous CRM system, we now use Chime.

You will need to respond to all social media comments & messages in a timely fashion. Our goal is to provide assistance and make every interaction with our team a positive one, & always staying in line with our brand values: Trust, Optimism, Tenacity & Excellence.  We also want to capture any potential clients using our social media & knowing the right words to say & questions to ask is vital. If you encounter any negative comments you will need to hide their comment in a timely fashion. This prevents anyone else from seeing it, but it still appears to the user who wrote it, so that they do not write it again. If you receive a negative message notify the Marketing Director & do not respond.

In addition to responding to any comments/messages you will need to check any likes of our posts. On Facebook you will need to "invite" anyone who liked the post to follow our page, if there is no option to invite them it is because they already follow our page. On Instagram you will need to go to the profiles of anyone who liked our post and like their most recent photo as long as it does not clash with our Brand values and there is no questionable or explicate content in the post. If it is questionable, do not like the post. 


Listing Marketing

Marketing Team Listings:

 We also post about our Team listings on Linked In, Twitter & MeWe. We also upload any listing videos to Youtube. 

The Building Blocks of a Listing Marketing Plan:


This is a general guide for promoting Team listings using our email, website & social media. It gives an overview of the strategy behind the marketing plans that we put together for each listing. We do not follow this guide exactly and have created our own "Listing Marketing Plan" template which we customize for each listing, however this guide will give you a good understanding of the building blocks that we keep in mind. 

Marketing our team's listings is one of the most important jobs of our marketing department. Our marketing is what sets us apart from the competition so it is vital to show our agents & their clients that we are going above & beyond in our efforts to market their home. 


Who to Go to When

When to Go to Jason:

Any questions that you don't know who to go to for (he is the catch-all for questions). 

Any urgent or time-sensitive questions

Any listing related questions

Any questions regarding the business, office, agents or leads.

When to Go to Claire:

Any non-urgent marketing related questions. 

When to Go to the Agents:

Any questions regarding marketing collaborations. 

When to Go to Annamae:

Any questions regarding the Coming Soon or Weekend Guides or Facebook Community Pages. 

When to Go to Keller Williams Montgomeryville Font Desk:

You will most likely not have the need to contact them, but they can answer any questions regarding the KW office or any KW tools like the KW Intranet, Command, etc.

Where to Go with Questions about the Website, Email Tool or Any Other Curaytor Product:

An explanation of the process and the people who can help with all of your support requests and questions.

Where to go with Questions about Chime:

https://help.chime.me/hc/en-us - Firstly take a look at these Chime training articles to see if an answer to your question can be found there. 

If you can't find the answer to a question or have a product suggestion, you can submit questions to Chime via the "Submit a Ticket" section that appears when you click the question mark in your Chime account. You will get a response via email and can communicate with their support team there. This is the best way to handle non-urgent problems that take time to resolve. 

If you have an urgent problem or question call their support number, also found in the section that appears when you click the question mark, to speak with someone immediately.  


Additional Marketing Training

The C.A.B Marketing Strategy:

 A quick explanation of this marketing strategy that is a key part of our marketing campaigns. 

Curaytor Marketing Training:


Here is a valuable library of marketing tips & training from Curaytor, they contain content ideas and more that you will want to discover! 

An In-Depth Look at Chime:


If you want to delve deeper into the systems and features that Chime has to offer, take a look at these articles which explain more functions within Chime. 

A Look into Creating Smart Plans for Leads:


If you want to dive deeper into the tips, tricks & best practices for developing smart plan to send to clients & leads, take a look through this playbook. The admin team utilizes smart plans in a different way internally than how we use them to contact leads & clients externally. 

The Chime Youtube Channel Training Videos:


The Chime Youtube channel is a great place to find more tips & tricks on how to best utilize the functions & features that Chime has to offer to fuel your business. Not all of these videos will pertain to marketing, but you may find some hidden gems and winning ideas here. 

Whether you’re ready to list now or plan to wait until spring, we’ll be here when you’re ready.

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