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New Construction

A seamless process from start to finish. 


Everything We Do Is With You In Mind


Strategic marketing, cutting edge advertising, world class brand. 


Rigorous training & sales, done to a high standard consistently.


Innovative systems and technology put to work for you.


Confidence & Peace of Mind

Our success is defined by hearing from our builder clients that the excellence of our marketing and sales team made them look great and our seamless systems gave them confidence and peace of mind that all the details were covered!



We have a client first mindset. We give you the facts and are 100% transparent with you.


We believe that if you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.


We believe in raising the bar and want to set a new level of "stand" in the industry.


We don't cut corners, we never quit, and we work hard to go above and beyond for you.



Your Strategy

We approach the marketing of your property with carefully planned, time tested strategy in order to get you the best results.  

  • The Marketing Flywheel & C.A.B. Strategy. All marketing points back to "the hub" a custom web page designed for your property. The marketing "wheel"  will grow the audience, build influence and generate sales. An increased audience creates increased influence which produces increased sales. We will achieve this by using the C.A.B. strategy. Create. Advertise. Blast. 
  • The Mobile Modern Mousetrap. Potential buyers are enticed through strategic advertising to view marketing about your property, their information is captured via registration forms online and entered automatically into our database. 
  • The Marketing Funnel. Once a potential buyers enters our database they are targeted with a series of marketing materials and contacts from our specially trained agents in order to increase their interest and drive them further down the funnel towards a purchase.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Your Brand

We will help you enhance & develop your brand with a clear vision that potential customers can identify with and be drawn to. 

  • A well-established brand sets you apart & elevates your image to stand out no matter the competition. 
  • We will develop an attractive brand surrounding your property that aligns with your vision.
  • This will allow potential buyers to identify & connect with what the brand representing you and your property stands for.

Your Presentation

Visually appealing, eye-catching, polished, professional & engaging. Through our beautiful photography, excellent design, and cutting-edge technology we will showcase your property & brand in the best possible light to attract buyers. 

  • Our customized, beautifully crafted design will align with the brand we develop and be utilized across all marketing of your property.
  • Your property will be showcased in its best light through beautiful & strategic photography, 3D interactive virtual tours, videography & more. 
  • This includes custom web page design, graphics & social media content, emails, mailer campaigns & other marketing materials. 
  • We will draw potential buyers in with eye-catching design that paints a cohesive picture throughout all of our marketing. 

Your Visibility

The more eyes on your property the more interest is generated, leading to quick sales and a wide variety of buyers to choose from, with more waiting in the wings.

  • We will promote your property through strategic social media advertising on FacebookInstagramYoutube & more. 
  • Through high level Google advertising will will drive additional traffic to your property's web page. 
  • Additionally, specially designed email marketing campaigns will be sent to handpicked audiences within our database of over 20k.
  • We will send out custom mailer campaigns to local communities 
  • If applicable, strategic signage will also draw attention at the property sight. 


Our Sales Approach 

Rigorous sales & training, done to a high standard consistently.

  • Our Sales Team is trained and coached at a high standard in their level of communication, follow up, and even in the words that they use. 
  • We guide and gain permission to make recommendations by listening and exuding professionalism. 

  • The goal is to consistently raise the bar in our industry and work to out-do ourselves. 

  • We are experts at helping people jump out of indecision into making their mind up.

  • We use our experience and expertise to bring in more clients and help you make more money.


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