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Our Vision:

To change Real Estate sales into a professional and personal business.

Our Mission:

To consistently offer a better experience for agents and clients.

Our Core Values:

Trust, Optimism, Tenacity & Excellence.

Why A Team?

With a team, you get support, support from administrative staff and other agents as well as council as you navigate the world of Real Estate. 

You gain a team to stand beside you and encourage you through difficult transactions and celebrate with you in the wins.

You gain accountability with others around you to help you achieve your goals and spur you on to continue improving. 

You are able to leverage the skills and abilities of your team members to increase your business. 

A team enables you to focus on the aspects of Real Estate that you are most interested in while you let the team handle the rest. 

A team can offer larger success, working together to produce more.

Why Our Team?

With Moments Marketing of Keller Williams Real Estate, you can find your identity in a Brand with a defined vision, mission, and values.

Moments Marketing is a Brand that offers you the opportunity to grab on to something you can stand behind and make your own...something bigger than you as an individual.

Rather than representing some agent's name, you can represent a Brand that stands for trust, optimism, tenacity, and excellence.

We are different because we offer the highest quality strategic marketing and top of the line tools and services in order to ensure you and your client's success... a better option than the rest are offering. 

With Moments Marketing you can leverage the skills, experience, and reputation of our carefully chosen Affiliated Partners.

Our Value Proposition

When you become a part of Moments Marketing and Keller Williams Real Estate you become apart of something bigger than yourself. Our brand, carefully curated to communicate trust, optimism, tenacity, and excellence, offers you a chance to be set apart in an industry that is inundated with average. You can speak with confidence knowing you will get answers to your questions from a successful team leader with over 25 years of experience, and a team of agents and staff ready to stand behind and beside you. You can now offer an entire team of agents, marketing experts, and meticulous administrative staff behind you to your clients. Our team utilizes strategic marketing and has created processes and systems to handle every aspect of the real estate process. We have spent the time perfecting each piece until it reflects our brand of excellence. At Moments Marketing of Keller Williams Real Estate you can become a top tier Realtor by taking a step up to join the top tier of Real Estate Professionals.

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